Our offer

Our clients are able to purchase natural gas at competitive prices and to get professional help in optimising the purchase portfolio to gain additional profits.


We offer a full range of products available on the market, which we tailor to the client’s individual needs.

Standard products in virtual and physical points of sale
and full supply products
In our offering, we have standard products (of the baseload type which involve steady natural gas off-take in a given period) listed on the Polish Power Exchange Gas Market as well as standard products traded in virtual points of sale in Western Europe.

Custom-made products We offer products to enable a flexible natural gas off-take by clients e.g. based on indexing prices to available listings or purchasing a product at a fixed price and a variable off-take option. We also provide full balancing of departures from the planned off-take based on the available market tools.

Wholesale trading We provide natural gas wholesale trading services in European Virtual Trading Hubs and in physical points at borders. We plan gas trading in both Western and Eastern Europe.

Advisory services We provide consulting services as regards changing the current natural gas supplier and optimizing the existing portfolio of natural gas purchase contracts. Based on our team of natural gas trading experts, we advise on how to use the existing purchase contracts to create added value.

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